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New reality show about gemstone miners in March. Beginning in March 2013, The Weather Channel will begin airing a new reality show about a group of Colorado gemstone miners.

Tentatively titled “Prospectors,” the show will chronicle the adventures of colored gemstone miners as they hunt for topaz, aquamarine and other gems – 14,000 feet up, in the Rocky Mountains.

According to a Weather Channel press release, the prospectors use picks, sledgehammers and dynamite to send car-sized boulders spinning down mountainsides. They open holes, looking for brilliant red, blue and green crystals. And the right pocket, extracted correctly, can bring a million-dollar payday or more.

Salvador Dali jewelry sells for nearly $35,000. Four pieces of jewelry designed by the late Spanish painter, Salvador Dali, sold for a combined $35,551 at Clars’ Antique and Estate Jewelry sale auction on December 9 in Oakland, California.

Each of the painter’s pieces, fabricated by master violinist and bow-maker, Henryk Kaston, bore the stamp or signature “Dali by Kaston” or “Dali” and “Kaston.”

One of the Dali jewelry items was a ruby and cultured pearl “Lips” brooch, said to have been inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s pout, which sold for $17,775. Another was the “Pomegranate Heart” brooch made in 18-karat gold with rubies and diamonds, which sold for $8,888.

Ritani introduces ‘Reserve’ collection. Fine jewelry maker, Ritani, has launched Ritani Reserve diamonds, a collection of round diamonds which Ritani claims have “exceptional sparkle characteristics.”

According to the American Gem Society Laboratories (AGS Labs), only diamonds earning the highest scores for cut, polish and symmetry qualify for the Reserve title.

Ritani President Brian Watkins said, “Everyone shopping for a diamond wants sparkle, but unlike any of the four Cs, sparkle has always been the subjective aspect of the purchase process. With the new AGS Labs scintillation report, Ritani is able to quantify and guarantee that Ritani Reserve diamonds sparkle brilliantly.”

Chopard exclusive jewelry supplier in new Princess Diana movie. It’s not uncommon for jewelry companies to have product placement in movies. Recent examples: C-hanel Fine Jewelry supplied the jewels worn by Keira Knightley in Anna Karenina, and Tiffany & Co provided the bling worn by Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby.