15 Best Day Trips From Cancun

Nichupte Lagoon is located west of Cancun’s main beach, surrounded by a mangrove forest, cut by winding canals and full of wildlife. Small two-seat boats are the most pleasant way to explore the lake once orientation is suspended. Guests walk the forest waterways and have the coral reefs intertwine before turning. Most of the routes are submerged in the bunta negoti coral reef, sometimes in light of the underwater museum. The city of Maya in Chichén Itzá, famous for its hierarchical ruins, is a UNESCO heritage site and one of the seven new wonders of the world.

Abandoned beaches, wild natural parks, and picturesque landscapes are waiting to be explored by those who dare to leave the Gringo trail. With Xenotes Oasis Maya Tour, guests will have the opportunity to learn everything about the beautiful natural phenomena shuttle services that are cenotes. The tour picks up guests in a truck directly from their hotel and takes them through the Mexican jungle to visit four different fish and berry systems. ScubaCaribe offers its clients the opportunity to experience Mexico with water.

Also, the hurricane season peaks in September and October, so look at the forecast and definitely get travel insurance just in case. Fewer tourists mean that you can generally expect lower prices at hotels, resorts, and cruise companies during this time. However, there are some facilities including a museum, visitor center, souvenir shop, grill, lounge, watchtower, and restrooms.

The ruins of Cuba are one of the most popular archaeological sites on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. You need to visit the ruins of Cuba from Cancun so you can see how the ancient Mayans live. This site offers a wonderful collection of artifacts excavated in the middle of a green forest. You can climb the largest pyramid on the site, Ixmoja, which is 42 meters high. Climbing 120 stone steps is worth it with the view you can enjoy from above.

What was, in the past, a coastal city that now has the most wonderful beaches that can be offered to thousands of visitors who want a quiet vacation in one of the many yoga retreats or some time wasted in local beach clubs. One of the main reasons why people visit Cancun during their vacations is to explore the famous nightlife that the Mexican city offers. It is surprising to see sharks very close and the evidence is very friendly and knowledgeable. However, it is a very long and difficult journey to see the sharks being in the water for only 10 minutes. Also, since you can’t wear sunscreen, it will burn completely if you don’t wear protective clothing, so be sure to do it.

This is the most comprehensive publication on what to do in Cancun that you will find online. In this guide of more than 10,000 words for the best activities in Cancun, you will find ideas for beach time, trips to the natural paradise, ruins of Mayans, parks, nightlife and day trips to Cancun. Hire a tourist company to fly around the lakes or go to a dive shop and see what’s underneath.

Eggs hatch and children swim out to sea in July through December. Divers and divers who visit Cancun during the summer and fall months can glimpse the mating of sea turtles in the ocean. Winter or spring visitors will still find plenty to see at Tortugranja, the Isla Mujeres turtle preservation center.